Welcome to Solvesustain!

I’m an engineer by training, with about 12 years’ experience in “sustainability problem solving”. I’ve worked on research & development across the sustainable development spectrum, including clean energy, off-grid energy access, water, food-security and community-based work, systemic approaches to climate action, privacy in AI e-governance, and more.

This blog documents my learnings, musings and progress as I go along. I write to explore, imagine, understand, reflect, construct, deconstruct, debate and document the problems, ideas and tools I work with in the field. Some of the writings were published elsewhere. I hope you have an interesting experience, and I invite you to share your comments and ideas for further writings!

-Hari Dilip Kumar

Hari Dilip Kumar

About Solvesustain

Founded in 2021, Solvesustain collaboratively researches, designs and develops solutions and models to enable and accelerate sustainable development outcomes. These for-impact approaches cross the spectrum from for-profit to non-profit, including developing scalable business models, theories-of-change, governance models and the design, technology, entrepreneurship and advocacy that accompanies them.

These efforts are facilitated through a collaborative and flexible ‘network’ approach that engages appropriate stakeholders and ecosystem resources to solve for the complexities of the nexus challenges of sustainable development.


Solvesustain is actively collaborating on a portfolio of concept projects with the potential to enable and accelerate sustainable development. These are in various stages of engagement, from early ideation and public discussion, to being under full-swing R&D prototyping and implementation by the collaborating stakeholders.