Data4SDG: An Interview with Angus Middleton/VIRIDIAN

Angus Middleton and VIRIDIAN LOGIC LTD work to create advanced, pragmatic #data​-based tools around #nature​-based solutions and ecosystem services. What are nature based solutions, why do they matter for #sustainability​ and #climateaction​, and where does #data​ play a role? How can natural capital create significant sustainability #co​-benefits – whether #airquality​, #climate​ mitigation, or improved flooding …

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Why is it important for companies and Governments to follow the sustainable development and decarbonization agenda? How is Ambee becoming the Amazon of ESG data and decarbonization? What are some of the use cases of applying data, AI, and other emerging technologies which Ambee sees? And finally, where does the ecosystem need to mature in …

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